What's all this then


I'm Martin Fitzpatrick a self-taught programmer with experience dating back to the early days of the ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupé.

Two Bit Arcade is my home for retro1 and lo-fi2 hacking.

Programming for me is about creativity: "What can I make this thing do?!". Since I got my hands on my first computer (a ZX80) I haven't stopped tinkering and inventing with code.

It was easier to learn on early home computers: switch it on, start typing and voilà you made something happen3. There were no frameworks to install, or build systems to configure, before you could start telling your computer what to do.

You could also do a lot less.

You were limited by the speed, memory or capabilities of the machine. But working within limitations drives creativity and ingenuity.

Two Bit Arcade is about my love of that creative and lo-fi spirit and an attempt to recreate it with modern tools. Hacking together games and gadgets within (sometimes artificial) limitations and seeing what turns up.

Everything you see here is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, MIT/BSDv2 and GPLv3.

  1. retro mostly in the sense of retro-inspired and retro home-computing spirit. 

  2. lo-fi as in not very good. 

  3. on the other hand there was no Internet so it's not all good news.