Get a list of all processes not run by you

Find the currently running processes on your system that were not started by yourself. A great way to find out what is hogging your system on multiple-user setups or remote logins.

Open up a terminal session and enter:

ps aux | grep -v `whoami`

ps aux returns (a) all processes with (u) user shown, (x) listing only those without controlling ttys. We then pass this through grep checking for the existance of your username retrieved with whoami

You can tweak this to show (for example) the only the top 10 processes by cpu utilisation as follows:

ps aux  --sort=-%cpu | grep -m 11 -v `whoami`

grep -m 11 stops searching after 11 matches (10th line) while ps --sort=-%cpu sorts on the cpu utilisation column (-) descending.

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